An Iowa Fathers Rights Battle

This is an account of judicial incompetence in the Iowa Family Court system that allowed two vulnerable children, to live with their sociopathic mother for almost 10 years. The courts turned a blind eye to compelling evidence that Tracey Richter murdered a man in cold blood, and attempted to murder their father, and their three-year-old son for secret life insurance policies.

Michael was never awarded custody by the court and is still, by Iowa family Court findings, the least fit parent of the two. Thankfully, Michael became the sole custodian parent by default, when a jury of twelve of his peers, not any of the three family court judges that he begged to save his kids, convicted Tracey Richter-Roberts of murder in the first degree. She was imprisoned for life, never to be released.

Case: 03111 CDCD002755 (BUENA VISTA) Iowa.

2020 – Michael’s Personal Testimony & Update

July 2020 Update: Michael’s Personal Testimony Can be heard here.

Documentaries on Tracey Richter’s Crimes

The 60-Minutes Interviews (UNCUT) tell the story: (3 Videos)

60 Minutes Documentary As Aired

UNCUT FOOTAGE – Michael – 1 hour

UNCUT FOOTAGE Prosecutor Ben Smith – 1 hour

Documentary “Tracey Richter American Monster” – Season 6 2020

Documentary “DEADLY WOMEN | Cold As Ice | S8E12” 

on Youtube (The first segment is Tracey Richter) NOTE: You need a USA IP address to play due to Copyright Restrictions in other countries

Diabolical Women: Tracey Richter (Season 1, Episode 2)

BREAKING NEWS July 09, 2014:

Convicted perjurer and murderer Tracey Richter’s mother, brother and son have been indicated in multiple crimes related to witness and jury tampering, They may face up to 25 Years in prison. Also indicated are Corporate suspect Xcentric Ventures, LLC DBA, its owner Ed Magedson, and Magedson’s agent Darren Meade.

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